Lake Vase Amber

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Crafted from mouth-blown glass, this vase boasts an elongated, organic design that resembles the fluid beauty of nature. Its graceful curves make it an ideal vessel for arranging various lengths of wildflowers. Inspired by natural phenomena, the vase's base evokes the mesmerizing ripple effect of rings spreading in water.

Place this exquisite vase on your windowsill and marvel at the enchanting play of shadows it creates when sunlight filters through. It pairs seamlessly with our Lake bowl.

Dimensions: B: 17,5 cm x D: 10 cm x H: 18 cm
Handmade Product: This is a handmade, mouth-blown glass product. Therefore you can experience minor differences in color, structure and size, which makes each product completely unique
Product Care: Wipe off with a damp micro fiber cloth to remove daily dust. If you use any detergents, always use one made for glassware. If necessary, you can gently wash the product by hand. Avoid using dish brushes, kitchen sponges or other rough objects, as they might cause scratches og changes in colour.

Note: The vase's color may range from a light amber to a rich, dark amber hue.

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